Interior Design

RETAIL: Shoe Boutique

Our challenge was to design a 1,000 sf retail shoe boutique for a luxury brand as a vendor space within a larger space.

RETAIL: Kitchen Showroom

With the shell space exterior walls as a given, our challenge was to create a retail kitchen showroom for a new client, T.M. Whaling. Programs used: Revit, 2020 Design, Photoshop, PowerPoint.

FIREHOUSE CONVERSION: Former Firehouse becomes an Accounting Office

This project challenged us to convert a former city firehouse to an accountant’s office featuring lobby/waiting areas, storage/copy room areas, a kitchen, a library/conference room, two offices, and an ADA compliant restroom. I enjoyed this project and created a 1/2″ scale model using foam board, chip board, fabric, acrylic, and printer paper.

LOFT CONVERSION: Classroom to Mixed-Use Residential

This project challenged us to take our current classroom, gut anything non-load bearing, and create a mixed-use Retail/Service and Residential space. I choose to create an Acting Workshop and Voiceover Recording Studio, along with a one-bedroom/one-bath studio for the owner. Photos include slides made for a visual presentation.

HAND ILLUSTRATION: Kitchen and Bathroom Vignettes

These hand-rendered images were created with marker and pencil.

FIRST APARTMENT: Young Adult Apartment Decor

This project challenged us to work with a client of our choosing and design an apartment that would bring them joy. My client was college age and wanted something that reminded her of her favorite beverage, pink lemonade. Note: Interior illustration outlines were provided by Interior Designer, Brian Kaneko. My work is the pastel, pencil, and marker rendering that illustrated the fabrics and other materials shown on the design boards articulating my design vision.

UMBRASSERIE: Coffee Shop with Perpetual Night Interior (Lighting Design)

This lighting project challenged us to create a new coffee house concept in Downtown Los Angeles. I created an Art Nouveau space where lighting is the star of the show–the ceiling features hundreds of LED stars and walls are paneled with night scenes featuring LED lighting. We were also challenged to create a working sconce for our space. I built a custom Art Nouveau sconce from chipboard, freezer paper, and craft paper.

INTERIOR ILLUSTRATION: Interiors, Furniture, Materials, and Fabric Hand-Rendering

These images were created with pencil, pastels, and markers. Note: Large overall living room render illustrated and fabric/material-rendered entirely by me. Individual furniture pieces, fireplace, and couch scene outlines provided by Interior Designer Brian Kaneko for the purpose of fabric and material hand-rendering.

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